A quiet Saturday here in the Goddess in Progress household.  M had to work in the very wee hours of the morning last night, so he was out of commission for much of the day.  No worries, the kiddos and I made an always useful trip to Target, and even met a woman working there who was 15 weeks pregnant with twins.  I gave her my email address and she might buy my carseats.  Hooray for twin mom stalking! 🙂

I feel like I’ve become more bold in my outings, or at least more comfortable and aware of what I’ll likely be able to do.  I basically have two windows for an outing in any given day.  A short outing is possible between the morning and afternoon nap (around 11, maybe 11:30), and a longer one can be done after the afternoon nap (around 3:30).  Our short outings often involve terribly exciting errands, like the grocery store (hence this morning’s trip to Target).  The later slot can be longer walks, a friend’s house, or something more fun like that.  Yesterday’s later outing was a nice long walk with Aunt R, followed by a stop at Whole Foods, where they have some pretty cool double shopping carts.

Today, once M had finally regained consciousness after his very late night, we decided to be extra bold.  We took the kids out for dinner.  The last time we took them with us for dinner was when they were still able to be rocked to sleep in their infant carseats.  This was a full-on dinner for four.  It was a little too impromptu to be a runaway success

(I was short on fun toys and small snacks, and my new portable placemats have not yet arrived), but overall it went quite well.  It was a sort of Tex-Mex chain restaurant, and the kids really liked the seasoned rice and black beans.  Hooray for being able to eat table foods!!



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7 responses to “Outings

  1. cheryllage

    Sounds (and looks) like a very successful day’s worth of outings! You go, Mama!

  2. Carlasue

    I just wanted to say I love reading your blog! I came across it through several different links to other blogs. I am expecting twins in December and looking forward to the adventure 🙂

    I am wondering where you got the shopping cart thing for two babies and what it is called. It is a great idea. If you could post the info that would be awesome! Thanks so much and congratulations on your beautiful babies!

  3. OOH! I hope you can sell your carseats! I sold one of mine so far, and my rarely used twin nursing pillow. Love seeing a little cash come back in rather than flowing the other way!

    Your WFM must be much! bigger than mine. They have carts so small, you could barely fit one kid in the cart. When I go, I strap shopping bags to the back of my stroller and fill them up that way. But in the back of my mind, I am worried someone will think I am shoplifting!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. Carlasue: If you mean the shopping cart from the picture in that post, it’s just one of the special kid-friendly carts they have at my local Whole Foods. I’ve become quite a connoisseur of places that have double shopping carts! A lot of grocery stores have a couple of them if you look for them, but some models are more unwieldy than others.

    If I don’t see one or just don’t feel like using it, I just do like Krissy and hang my little reusable shopping bags on the back of my stroller (trying not to let the stroller tip over). I’ve also occasionally been known to push the stroller with one hand and pull a cart with the other, but that way sucks.

  5. Goddess – we decided to try Krazy Karry’s for lunch yesterday in your town and it was closed for good – replaced by a new restaurant! Instead we went to the mall for Johnny Rockets which has extremely tasty burgers – I recommend it for all preggies.

  6. Carlasue

    Thanks for the info! I am in Canada so unfortunately no Whole foods here… I’ll have to keep my eyes out for those though.

  7. Hee, I’ve stalked people for those double carts at Whole Foods….they really don’t have enough for the mid-morning rush.

    Love the Mexican food for kids….we went out last night for Mexican as well 🙂

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