New space, new skills

We finally rearranged our den to create a nice little play space for the kids.  Playroom ShelvesWe still needed it as an office, so we got an L-shaped desk from Ikea (nearly two months ago – oops).  M and I now share a desk and get nice and cozy.  But half to 2/3 of the room is now child-proofed, colorful, full of toys, and enclosed.  Hooray!  Hard to get a good picture of it, but I did my best.  Playroom ChairMuch of it is from Target, including the cube shelves and fabric cube box/drawers, and the area rugs (it’s two 4’x6′ rugs). The chair is the very one M stole from his dorm room when he left college, and it makes for a great place for babies to pull up to stand. It still wants for some details and decoration, but it’s nice to have a space where the kids can safely play and I can hang on my computer.

Oh and… um… did I neglect to mention that Daniel is finally crawling?  Wohoo!  Only two months after his sister! As with anything, it seems to have been largely a question of motivation.  Rebecca’s motivation was chasing the dog.  Daniel’s, as it turns out, was so that he could get to more places in order to stand up.  Mobility is nice and all, but standing is where it’s at.  Within five days of his first real crawling, he’s already pulling up on me and letting go, standing unassisted for a few seconds before plopping down and trying again.  My suspicion is that he would really love to just walk, while Rebecca may be content to speed-crawl for quite a while longer.  We’ll see.

Two babies crawling, as it turns out, more than twice as challenging as one.  But it does mean that Daniel can hold his own in fighting for the coveted toys… like the pack of wipes?



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7 responses to “New space, new skills

  1. Oh… SO cute! I love the new space for them, the rug is so fun and colorful.
    🙂 Becky

  2. cheryllage

    I love it! It looks so bright and cheerful!
    Know they, and you, will really enjoy it. 🙂

  3. Liz! What an awesome playroom! Jack is so jealous! (Wait, I think he’s too busy trying to pry off the electrical outlet covers to be jealous. I’M jealous!) I love the area rugs, and I like the shelves and fabric drawers. The room looks like it belongs in a catalog (but in a good, lived-in way, not in a sterile way). I’m definitely stealing ideas for when we get a house.

  4. Love the play space! It’s so colorful!! And how great for you that you can use your computer AND watch them – definite sanity saver. 🙂

  5. it looks great, so cheerful and colorful. i love it!

  6. Kim

    My 10 month old twins’ favorite toy is the the wipes bag… So funny!

  7. It looks great, L! I love the rug and the cub cubby. I can’t WAIT until Target gets here so I can finally get one of those!

    What is it that attracts babes to electical sockets, even if they are baby-proofed?

    Way to go Daniel!

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