Vote for Rebecca!

Hey everyone, a quick plea for your vote!

A picture of Rebecca is a finalist in the current contest over at Twinsights.  You may recognize the picture from our trip to California, and her very first experience with avocado. Mmm…

So, please, head on over and vote for Messy Twin Finalist #4!



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4 responses to “Vote for Rebecca!

  1. I voted! I hope she wins!

  2. just got back from our trip and was catching up.

    lots of great stuff, the recipe looks good, thanks for the shout out about my blog and hope she wins, such a cutie.

    i liked the post about ignorance is bliss, i actually did not seek any stories (only advice from my friend with triplets) because i used to work in the NICu and with children, as it was. i felt i knew too much. when my PTL started i was determined to get to 36 because i was so terrified of any other alternative. and it all worked out, but i know i followed bed rest strictly because i knew the result of shirking it might be really scary. i think for women without such knowledge, having the support and stories of others would be good. if they want it.

    now, what’s up next for the june posting (wow, it is almost over).

  3. I voted! Let us know if (when!) she wins 🙂

  4. Marie

    I love reading your entries! I found you from BBC. Anyways, I just voted. She actually IS the cutest! 🙂

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