You really like me?

So, I’m checking my long list o’ blogs on Google Reader the other day. And what do I see on the lovely High-Heeled Mama‘s site?

A little hug, just for me! (Well, me and several other people, but also me…) Aww, thanks! The rules, as I understand them, are to just spread the love to 10 other bloggers. Let the love-fest begin:

  1. Cheryl – I absolutely gobbled up her book when I was first pregnant with twins, and have since told every (twin) pregnant mom I know to read it. Now we’re total blog-buddies, and maybe we’ll even have a little real-life meet-up later in the summer.
  2. Mamie – Her boys are adorable, and her ability to continue crafting with two toddlers is making me really itchy to get back to quilting and yarnwork.
  3. LauraC – Always love her honesty and perspective, love having her as a fellow HDYDI mom.
  4. Mommy, Esq. – Pregnant and a member of my MOT club, we totally read each other’s blogs and exchange the occasional email, but have yet to manage to meet in real life. Eventually…
  5. Bev – A college friend, I love reading about her life on the opposite coast with her adorable son, Jack.
  6. Emomily – Fellow HDYDI mom, I love the activities she comes up with! Must bookmark for when my kids are older…
  7. What a Card – Another friend from my MOT club, and current local produce maven.
  8. Cynthia – We “met” on the Babycenter bulletin boards because we were both due in August. And now she’s adding another boy to her family, how super exciting!
  9. Jane – Yet another person from my blog-tastic MOT club, I always get a kick out out of her tales of two toddler girls. Honest, witty, snarky… an excellent combo.
  10. Life as I Know It – Love her style, love her honesty.


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6 responses to “You really like me?

  1. Thank you very much! I will certainly be passing this along in the next week… although I do need a vacation from my vacation!

  2. Awww, thank you! And you know I LOVE reading about you, M and the twins!

  3. cheryllage

    Oh no, you di-n’t! I’m all woozy with the love! 🙂
    Thank you SOOOO much…hugging you right back, and putting subtle (yet regular) hints in hubby’s ear about timing some beachward ventures.

    Seriously, you’re the best! 🙂

  4. you made my day – thanks!

  5. Aw, thanks for the shout-out!

    Though I don’t get here nearly as often as I’d like, I enjoy your blog, too.

    Here’s hoping we get to meet in the flesh someday. (With so many MMOTA moms who blog, perhaps a bloggers’ night out is in order?)

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