Florida trip recap

This weekend was our third trip to Florida with the kids in tow, their fifth plane trip (11th and 12th flights), and the first of three this summer. It was a whirlwind, as usual, as we were only there from Thursday through Sunday. It was not, shall we say, our most successful plane rides. Lots of screaming, we were totally those people with those babies on the plane. We did what we could, but you know how it goes sometimes. But I’m glad that we went, and it made M’s family very happy to be able to spend time with the kids. We didn’t “do” much while we were there, but that’s alright. It was entirely too hot and humid to really “do” anything, anyways.

Rebecca chases Nana’s new cat relentlessly. The cat was smart and stayed away…

Daniel bangs on things, good times.

You know what’s fun? Laundry baskets!

My in-laws. (Left to right, M’s mom, Rebecca, M, M’s grandmother, M’s dad, and Daniel)

Daddy and Daniel. Everyone says Daniel looks just like M. I think I’m the only person on earth who doesn’t really see it. I mean, I believe people, I just don’t look at Daniel and think “wow, he sure looks like M!” Ah well…

Rebecca and her Papi.

Papi helps get the kids into the airport on the way home. Rockin’ the Travelmates!



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5 responses to “Florida trip recap

  1. Aw, the Travelmates are so cute! Almost like their own little thrones.
    πŸ™‚ Becky

  2. It would be awesome if someone would invent the adult version of those travelmates. I’d love someone to pull me through the airport like that. They look SO comfortable just lounging in them… πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, the jet-setting twins! I love the Travelmates! They look very convenient! And I agree with Cynthia. I want adult-sized versions.

  4. So, if you were me, would you fork over $79.99+shipping (times 2) for the Travel Mates to be used only a handful of times?

    Do tell.

  5. Look at all those twin-instigated smiles…you’ve made some folks’ June, I daresay!

    Man, if I could even find an adult-sized Duo-Glider, I’m thinking once the kids are about 8 or so, they might be able to push their daddy and me!

    Looks like a great trip…glad all made it home safely.

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