Sorta-sunny FLA

Well, they can’t all be winners.

Our kids had become pretty darn good airplane travelers over the last two trips, particularly impressing us on our cross-country flight to LA back in March.  But I guess that streak had to come to an end, and I shouldn’t be too surprised that it happened now.

We did not have the greatest flight down yesterday, despite ending up with an entire row (two sets of 3 seats) to ourselves.  It was at about 8:30 in the morning, which has worked well the past few flights by lining up nicely with their normal morning nap time and they fall asleep on takeoff.  Unfortunately, not this time.  Eventually, though, they did both fall asleep in their carseats around 9:00.  Sadly, they both only slept about half an hour, instead of the usual hour and a half they’ve been doing for an AM nap. Daniel, in particular, startled and woke up crying.  Not a good sign.  He spent most of the flight fussing, squirming, and flat-out refusing 95% of my attempts to soothe or calm him.  He was upset and crying, I was frustrated and pissy… not fun times.  Plus, just for extra fun, my head cold meant really intense pressure and pain in my left ear as we made our descent.  It finally popped and I could hear again… about seven hours later. Ugh.  Mommy was not a happy camper yesterday.

As I said, I shouldn’t have been super surprised about the kids’ behavior on the plane. And really, I wasn’t shocked.  I was just hoping for better, but I think that time has passed. They’re just in a more mobile, slightly more easily frustrated, definitely more interested in the rest of the world kind of phase right now.  I don’t see air travel getting any easier in the near future, which is really very sad for me. At least the other two trips we’re taking this summer are shorter flights.  Chicago’s just a bit shorter, and Virginia will be two very short flights.  We’ll survive.

Wrangling the big carseats was most definitely made easier by those Travelmate wheel attachment contraptions. Getting started in the airport parking lot was a bit tricky (one parent hold one kid, other parent un-latch carseat from car, stow LATCH connectors, attach Travelmate, put kid back in seat, and repeat), but do-able as long as you build in extra time and aren’t too rushed.  Glad we pulled one of the seats out the night before and figured out how to put it together, instead of fumbling in the parking lot at 6:45 in the morning. We got into a security line that was big enough to send the seats through without removing them, thankfully. On the down side, the Britax Marathons are, no surprise, too wide to roll down the aisle of the airplane.  We ended up just lifting them, kid and all, and carrying them the 22 rows to our seat.  Probably won’t be feasible for long, as the kids are getting too heavy for that, but it worked this time. Overall, while the old Graco seats and Snap & Go combination was definitely easier, this wasn’t so bad at all. Beats the heck out of pushing the kids in a stroller and having to carry those big honkin’ carseats. We probably got more crazy looks from people than I usually get in the double stroller, but that’s no surprise.

And though I didn’t sleep well last night in a strange bed, and Rebecca fussed a few times… I will say that it’s 6:30 and they’re both still asleep!  Huzzah!  Ooh, wait, I think I hear one now.  Still, beats the heck out of a 5:30 wake-up time.

More later from sorta-sunny (hot, humid, pop-up-thunderstorm-y) Florida.  What, you didn’t think being away from home would stop the NaBloPoMo madness, did you?



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5 responses to “Sorta-sunny FLA

  1. Hope your cold clears up! Now I’m reminded how great it was when the twins got old enough to graduate from car seats and strollers.

    Very impressive keeping up the NaBloPoMo!

  2. Sorry it was a rough flight…I know of CA trip put me in a foul mood and made it hard to imagine flying with the kids EVER again. I am glad you had some good experiences first.

    Hope your cold gets better. Mine is still really awful, the worst one I have had in a long time…Really hoping you have a nice time in Fl, and that the kids are having fun too.

  3. Wow, I seriously admire your ability to fly with the little ones! And then daily posting while in Florida too! You’re a super star. 🙂

  4. I think I am going to stop reading about kids flying on airplanes because, with every read, I wonder why in the holy hell we did not fork over the extra $1450 to buy the boys their own seats for our RED-EYE flight to Maui. I think a $100,000 would be worth every penny. What on earth are we going to do with two for 20 hours worth of plane riding?

    Oh god.

  5. You are a hero! Travel-wise and NaBloPoMo-wise!
    Wishing you sun and fun galore!

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