Happy anniversary

To the folks known, so far, as Gramps and Grandma Groucho, a very happy 15th anniversary!

My dad and stepmom got married when I was 14.  I wore a dress that looked like an ugly floral couch (I loved it at the time), but did not want to take my embroidery-floss friendship bracelets off of my ankles, so the stockings went over them.  It was the height of fashion, as I always was.

Anyways, my outfit that day is not the point.  The point is that my dad and stepmom are a great pair, make each other laugh a lot, and “get” each other, and I’m very glad for that.  Stepmom is currently in NV, staying with her son for a month now that my beautiful niece has arrived.  My dad travels a lot for work, but arrived in NV last night to meet his new granddaughter.  He’s psyched.

There was also some debate as to which anniversary this really is.  Apparently they both miscounted, and I’m the only one who got it right.  So, happy 15th, you guys!

(You like the shirts their friend had made for them when my kids were born?  My dad insisted they wear them together. The people at Dunkin Donuts thought they were a little cuckoo.)



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2 responses to “Happy anniversary

  1. Personally, I never worry too much about the opinions of people at Dunkin Donuts.

    Happy Anniversary! What a cute couple.

  2. Awww, how sweet! Although, if I were to wear a “twins” shirt with me DD chest, I might get some funny looks. 🙂

    In high school, our Student Council t-shirts were bright yellow and had “We stick out in a crowd” in red writing on the front. Yeah, I got some teasing for that one.

    🙂 Becky

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