Two month countdown

Until my kids turn one year old?  Not quite.  Until I embark on some fabulous adventure?  Nah.

Nope.  Only two more months until the Summer Olympics.  Hooray!

I’m a nut for the Olympics, especially summer.  I love so many of the events, and could watch rowing and gymnastics and track & field and weightlifting and table tennis all day long.  Yes, there’s certainly controversy over the whole Beijing/China thing.  I don’t deny it, but I don’t really feel qualified to take on the political ramifications of it all.  Regardless of where the games are, I just love watching it all.

When I was 13 years old, my dad and I went to Paris together. As it just so happened, it was also the year of the summer Olympics in Barcelona.  My dad called in a few favors and got us some tickets.  Water polo, equestrian (jumping events), and even the semi-final basketball game with the first “Dream Team.”  Michael Jordan, Larry Bird… everyone was on that team!  It was awesome.

Needless to say, I will not be flying to China in August.  Instead, I’ll be glued to my TV. I love the athleticism, even in sports I don’t fully understand. I love the flags and the anthems and the pride.  I love the personal interest stories, even if we make somewhat inappropriate jokes about the Chinese gymnasts being taken from their families at age 3 to practice uneven bars 8 hours a day.  I totally cry during the medal ceremonies.

This weekend was a bit of a preview on TV.  There were major gymnastics and track events on TV, and the women’s softball trials.  I was already hooked.  I can’t wait for the volleyball and swimming, shotput and soccer. I know, I know… babies aren’t supposed to watch TV.  But I may have to make a few exceptions this August…



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4 responses to “Two month countdown

  1. Wow, you are in for a fun summer! I’ve been playing a lot of Mario and Sonic Olympics on the wii…does that count as being an Olympics fan?

    I lived in Atlanta when the summer Olympics were there. Can you believe we never went to any of the events? We actually had tickets to some odd event, but decide to leave early to go out with friends. Wouldn’t you know we left just a few hours before the bomb went off…we were just as happy we’d decided not to stay!

  2. Right there with you! Yesterday the kids turned on the TV (I’m assuming that’s also a Glamour don’t in the parenting manuals), with the intent of watching some Mr. Men Show on-demand, and BOOM! There were the Men’s Gymnastics events, and for once, Mama said, “THIS is what we’re watching!” After a bit of hesitancy, they bought in and were amazed and ooohing and aaahing (and “Ouch!”ing) right along with me.

    Feel no guilt. The Olympics are important. Let ’em watch!

  3. Really, weightlifing? 😉

    I find I cry a lot while watching the Olympics. I think I may be finally ready to accept that I will never (ever) make it there as an athlete. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get emotionally involved in everyone else’s quest. Love those 4-hour long opening ceremonies – woohoo!

  4. I am an Olympics junkie too – we recorded so much on our old DVR that we still have them 4 years later! Husband said he’d delete now to make room for the Bejing Olympics. He never managed to watch all the rifflery and other weird “sports” he likes to watch. I’m a swiming and gymanstics fan.

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