I love that, as soon as I commit to writing every day this month, I feel as though I have absolutely nothing to say. So here, friends, is some miscellany from my brain. I’ll try to do better…

First, I think there are few things cuter than babies and little kids in baseball hats. I got these from Old Navy, and I just love them. Sometimes the kids even keep them on their heads. Call me crazy, I also like that they don’t have any particular baseball team on them. That’s a source of debate in my house. We live in Boston, so Red Sox are always an option. Except that M grew up in southern Connecticut and is a Yankee fan, and I can’t put that on my kids’ heads and risk them getting beat up before they’re a year old. And I’m from Chicago and my family is a bunch of die-hard White Sox fans. Oh, what to do… just go for team Old Navy, apparently.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first niece. My stepbrother’s wife has apparently been contracting every 6-7 minutes for the last three days. As of last exam, not dilated. Oh, and any time she tries to eat something, she pukes. Not surprisingly, she’s apparently on a very short fuse. My stepmom is out at their place in Nevada, and sent them off to the hospital a few hours ago. Fingers crossed that something good will happen and the poor thing won’t have to go through this crap much longer.

Rainy day, laundry to do, no mental energy. Sorry for phoning this one in… 🙂



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3 responses to “Nada

  1. So right about kids in baseball hats…my guy refuses to wear them outside, but insists on wearing his Red Sox hat when we read stories at bedtime. Weird. But cute.

  2. We are the weird family that has one kid (Alaina) in a Red Sox hat – for Mommy – and the other two in Yankees caps, for Daddy (who also grew up in Southern CT!). If and when the boys keep their hats on their heads, we get funny looks. But as you said, they just look so cute on baby heads!!

  3. My twins were great about wearing hats. My oldest – not so much. That is such a cute picture. Glad I clicked through to see the picture at the top of the page too, I was reading through bloglines.

    I picked a hard month to blog every day too. I’m cheering you on. I think it’s a good challenge.

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