Ten Months Old

It’s the 3rd of the month – time for another “birthday!” Daniel & Rebecca are 10 months old today. They aren’t having the greatest day, as I believe they’re both fighting off a virus. Plus, as I was taking their chair pictures today, Rebecca took a header off of the chair. So sad, felt awful, bad mommy… Don’t get me wrong, I was sitting right there, taking pictures of her. Clearly, I was focused on where she was and not just letting her hang out on a chair by herself. But damn, she’s so fast it happened practically before I realized it. So fast I was actually snapping a picture right before she went over. Bad, bad mommy. And to make matters worse, she not only whacked her head on the hardwood floor, but I believe hit half of her face right on one of their board books. So now she has this awful red mark on the left side of her face. I feel terrible. If she was old enough to like things like cookies, I’d give her some today. Instead, some hugs sort of calmed her down, and having yogurt with lunch was enough to put a smile back on her face. Oh, and just to empathize or something, Daniel later managed to fall backwards from sitting and whack the back of his head on the floor grate. Good lord. Not a super day. Let’s hope tomorrow is better…



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5 responses to “Ten Months Old

  1. Oh dear, the first big head bumps. I hate to tell you, but this is just a taste of things to come. You’re going to have a stretch of months when at least one of them has a bruise on their head at all times. Or maybe that’s just my kids. We’re all pretty clumsy 🙂

    Happy 10 month day and I hope tomorrow is bump-free!

  2. you are not a bad mommy, you are the mommy who has to watch over twins learning to move. and, man, once they move….it is like their heads are attracted to the hardest surface in the room. there was a month when i did not want to leave the house because mason’s forehead looked like i had taken a stick to it. it does end though. and now we are onto knee scrapes.

  3. Head bumps – it’s going to happen a lot. When my twins started walking they *always* had bruises on their foreheads – often from running into each other! (Yes, it was kind of funny). You are not a bad mom. They are so beautiful. I did chair pictures for the first year and they got harder and harder to take.

  4. Such cute pics! I’m not a mom, but I am a proud aunt of two & it’s always nerve wracking to babysit them when they get to this stage. They’re so eager to explore everything and are just destined to learn through bumps and scrapes. It’s hard not to feel guilty, though when they pick up a “boo boo” on my watch!

  5. Oh, head bumps! If I had even half a penny for every time Jack has bumped his head, I would be a millionaire by now!

    Super cute pics!

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