It was only a matter of time

Rebecca loves our dog. Getting closer to the dog was clearly her motivation when she finally started crawling. Now she goes faster and faster, chasing the dog around the room. She laughs when I’m throwing a kong and the dog comes running back with it in her mouth. I won’t say the love is exactly mutual, but there you have it. Rebecca’s other love is standing up, as I have mentioned before. An excellent tool for that, as it turns out, is the dog’s crate. Easy to grab and climb. Well, I knew eventually she’d figure out something else you can do with the crate…

And if someone could please explain the universal appeal to crawling children of the dog’s water and food bowls…



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4 responses to “It was only a matter of time

  1. Ha ha! Looks like a free babysitter to me! (I kid. I kid.)

    I absolutely cannot keep Adele out of the dog’s dishes–I don’t know what it is! They must have some strange, strong magnetic force that only babies can sense.

  2. Jackie

    OMG! So funny! DD (of our two 8MOs, we consider her our crazy crawler) is in love with our cat (also not particularly mutual) and chases him around the living room floor. I dread the day that she follows him to the litter box and decides to go exploring (it’s probably all the more enticing because it’s hidden inside a special kitty bench, so it just looks like a fun place to crawl into). At least his food will be out of reach behind the baby gate that goes into the kitchen!

  3. Do they make dog crates large enough to accommodate two six-year-olds? 😉

    What darling little ones you have…I love checking in!

  4. What a cute picture! It would be great for a caption contest.

    We actually put a gate across our master bedroom to keep babies out and to give the cats a place to escape. I don’t suppose you could do that with dogs though.

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