Neither of my kids ever seemed to mind diaper changes all that much.  I know plenty of babies who would be hysterical the moment you got the onesie unbuttoned, but my kids generally took it in stride.

No more.

Now we’re in full on squirm/flip/wrestle/scream mode.  Good times.  Rebecca just wants to be somewhere else.  And Daniel has been plain fussy recently, and loses it when I lie him down.  Not sure why, but he does.  So now I’m all about distractions on the changing table.  Rebecca gets the hygiene supplies, like the bottle of saline spray or the tube of butt paste.  Daniel, above all else, loves his plastic links. Especially when he can shake them and make noise. I bought them in a package of 24 for about $3 at Target, probably six months ago. Best money I ever spent, apparently.



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4 responses to “Distraction

  1. Wait. It gets worse.

    At least in our house, it did. We now change diapers while the kids are standing/running away from us. It can be utterly annoying, and very challenging. We rarely use a changing table because of the flip factor, but they get away from us so easily on the floor. Anyway, I figure I can add “can change diapers on standing babies” to my motherhood resume.

    Sorry to hear that Daniel has been fussy lately. Jonathan is working on his first molar, and is CRAB-O! Men!

  2. ahhh, the dreaded advent of the diaper change struggle. we once used the top of our built in dresser in our closet, until they were 6 months. and then it began, the kicking, the protests. hey, kid, i am getting poop off your butt! jee-zus.

    now i give them my o my ipod and that holds his attention. i think he would be happier if i gave him scissors or a serrated knife…these things seem to fascinate him much more than rings these days. and mason loves the attention, but wants me to kiss him, which ain’t cool with poop involved.

    ahh, diaper changes. when does potty train begin. oh yeah, that is up to me. sigh.

    p.s. can’t wait to see your IKEA booty…that place is addictive, their kiddo section a serious danger to the bank account.

  3. Ah yes, what a fun, fun stage. Just wait until they think your “ow” reaction when you get a swift kick in the ribs is funny and decide to try that EVERY change. Ouch! The only thing worse than cleaning poop off of a squirming infant is cleaning it off of a squirming toddler.

    Good luck. Books work like a charm for us (as long as you are ready to duck when they are “done” with it).

  4. Oh, God, yes, I remember the day when Jack suddenly went from being a sweet baby while on his back to being a complete MONSTER whenever in a prone position. Like High Heeled Momma, I give Jack a book and that usually works. Other times, he loves to play with the butt paste tube!

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