Stand and deliver

Both of my kids are really into standing right now.  All. The. Time.  Not unsupported (yet), but standing nonetheless.  While Daniel certainly loves to reach for my hands or my shirt to pull himself up (and looks oh-so-proud when he does), he’s still restricted to whatever is in reach of where he’s sitting.  The frighteningly-mobile Rebecca, however, has no such limits.  She’s started standing on everything.  She figured out how to stand using the ottoman, the TV cabinet, the exersaucer, and even the Pack & Play, which is a more advanced maneuver as there’s nothing to grab hold of on the way up.  And last night we reached everyone’s favorite milestone: standing up in the crib, and screaming at the top of her lungs in the middle of the night because she can’t get back down.  Guess it’s time to lower that mattress…

Kilroy was here, in the pack & play

Rebecca can’t believe the fools in Cash Cab have only $75 and two strikes already!

Oh so proud of herself.



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7 responses to “Stand and deliver

  1. cheryllage

    Oh! They are simply precious…and I adore those little happy and justifiably proud faces…what a WONDERFUL stage — Enjoy!

  2. By all means lower the mattress. My girl twin learned to climb out right away – and then she’d climb into her brother’s crib! Scared the heck out of me.

    Such a cutie pie!

  3. Lisa

    Standing in the crib at 2 PM? -Very cute-
    Standing in the crib at 2 AM? -Not so much-

    Here is what you do when they can’t get back down. While you hold their hands, have them practice falling on something soft in different places throughout the day. Once they get the hang of falling and not hurting themselves, they should be A OK.

  4. LOVE the shout out to Cash Cab!

  5. OH SO CUTE!!! I love the pics! She looks so mischievous. “Watch out, Mommy. I have LOTS more in store for you!” 😉

    Jack loves standing in his crib. Now he’s figured out how to stand in his crib and open his door, which I always leave ajar at bedtime. He’ll stand on his tippytoes while holding on to the crib with his right hand, then hook his left hand around the edge of the door, and then pull it back — quite an advanced maneuver! Then he’ll somehow manage to make really loud squawky noises while keeping his paci in his mouth. I ignore him, and then he’ll fold over right where he was and fall asleep in a very odd, contorted position. I think it looks uncomfortable, but he seems fine. ::shrug:: Anyway, yes, much obsession with standing!!

  6. Audrey

    I love the pictures and the Cash Cab background! 🙂 I’m very much enjoying reading your blog. Thank you!!

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