On Friday, my aunt is passing along her well-loved swingset to us.  My cousins are now 10 and 12, so have really outgrown it.  It was a hand-me-down from a friend of hers in the first place, and she said I was welcome to it as long as I found a way to get it from there to here (she lives about 45 minutes from me, the only of my mom’s siblings to not live in the same town in Illinois).  Turns out, there’s a company who specializes in moving, inspecting, and assembling any brand of swingset!  A niche market, but suddenly a useful one to me. (How did I find out about them?  Moms of twins club, of course!)  For a couple hundred dollars, they’ll disassemble it, move it, and reassemble it.  Hooray!

In anticipation, and because I get a little antsy at 3:30 in the afternoon if we don’t have an outing, I found a playground nearby and took the kids for their first time the swings.  I think they liked it!  It started raining, though, so it was a short-lived visit.

As an aside, it’s not as easy as one would think to find a nearby playground!  I might have to do some hunting…

First swings

Rebecca in swing

Daniel in swing



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5 responses to “Swings!

  1. Don’t forget to put them both in the same swing before they get too big to do it!

  2. you will find that the playground becomes your very best friend the older they get. your very very best friend.

  3. There aren’t many good playgrounds in our area, especially for the little ones. I’ve found a good one that has a large section appropriate for younger children (toddler swings, small slides, low structures, a tunnel to crawl through, etc). I like that it’s somewhat separate from the section where the older children play. Of course, my boys now tend to just run to the big kids section 🙂

    I agree with Laura: get a picture of them back-to-back in the same toddler swing. I have a picture of my boys sitting in a swing next to two twin girls in another swing…it’s one of my favorites!

  4. Oh, the swings! They have saved Jack (and me) from many a mid-afternoon break down. I would love to have my own swing set. Lucky you!

  5. We were handed down a Little Tykes plastic thingamabob structure for use with the dudes prior to them being big enough for the big structure at the new house. Well, yesterday was the first day they used the Little Tykes thing and it was a never-ending fun fest for at least 45 minutes. We finally had to pry them away for their dinner.

    Pretty soon R & D will play on that thing and you’ll be able to sit back, relax and drink an iced coffee! ha, ha, ha.

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