Nine-month stats

This morning was our nine-month well-baby appointment (Hi, Dr. C!). I do enjoy having the first appointment of the day. No crowds in the waiting room, everything runs on time. Of course, that puts it right at naptime, but they did fine. M was going to come with me, but take his own car. So I left, and got a call from him a few minutes later. Things had blown up at work and he wouldn’t be joining me. And, of course, I only had the BOB in the car, which really wasn’t going to come into the office with me. Opening doors with two arms full of babies is, um, tricky.

Anyways, the visit went well, both kids were pronounced in great health, hitting or approaching milestones appropriately (they were totally showing off their mad gross-motor skillz), etc etc etc. And their weights… I guess all of that avocado is actually being ingested! They’re even bigger than I had guessed. Rebecca packed on nearly three pounds in three months, tipping the scales at an enormous (ha!) 16lb1oz. Wohoo, 6th percentile! Look out Daniel, she’s catching up! OK, maybe not. As Daniel put on just over 3 pounds himself, to end up at 20lb5oz. Wow, no wonder it was tricky carrying them both into the office – 36+ pounds of baby!

In the end, their usual 90 minute morning nap at 9AM turned into 30 minutes in the car at 10:15, so now they’re a touch on the crabby side. Ah well, we’ll survive.

Edited to add a photo: a little walk and a swing in the hammock help to deal with the no-nap crabbiness…

9 months in the hammock


Oh, and a shout out happy mom-aversary to two of my fellow How Do You Do It? mamas… Happy first birthday to Jonathan and Faith, and happy second birthday to Nate and Alex!! And congrats to moms Krissy and LauraC for being such super-moms!



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3 responses to “Nine-month stats

  1. Great job kiddos! And good job herding them in there, Mommy 🙂

  2. Kat

    You have such beautiful children! Aren’t twins the best thing since sliced bread?!?!

  3. Krissy

    Thanks Liz! 🙂 Pretty soon we will be celebrating your 1 st year!

    I can’t believe you were able to carry them in like that…supermom indeed! I think I could get F and J in w/out a stroller, (except J keeps trying to get down out of my arms, and can be very slippery) but then I wouldn’t know where to PUT them!

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