My boys

A sweet picture from yesterday.

We went to our favorite furniture store to buy a new mattress (woo, exciting!). This particular one has, in addition to furniture, a trapeze school, an ice cream store, a Fuddrucker’s, and “liquid fireworks.” (No, I’m not kidding, it’s really a furniture store.) A little like the Bellagio, every half hour the water jets do a little show in time with music, complete with lights to make it look like the water is different colors. Daniel was a little freaked out at first, so M picked him up to watch the show. That was much better.



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5 responses to “My boys

  1. Such a sweet picture!
    Wow, we need a furniture store like that out here … that sounds so cool!

  2. What a great shot! And Shop!

  3. cheryllage

    The placement of that sweet little boy hand on his Daddy’s arm? You’ve made me misty!

  4. Everyone is so polite that I enjoy going. They even agreed to honor a coupon that came in the mail after we placed an order for a side table.

    I was happy to see you added me to your blog-roll. It’s on my list this weekend to figure out how to add my favorite blogs (including yours!) to my own roll.

  5. Oh, how sweet! I used to hang out there with a friend when our twins were little. Of course, one of my boys is a bit…high strung we’ll say. He FREAKS out whenever the liquid fireworks go off. So now we don’t shop there anymore. 🙂

    Just kidding, of course we do. It’s the best place to browse. They even have those twin car carts, which you’ll appreciate once your little ones are slightly bigger ones. We’ll probably be there this weekend, preparing to make the switch to twin beds. Sniff, sniff, I love their cribs.

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