Babies’ first BNL show

I am exhausted. I think I went to bed around 8:30 last night, and could have done so even earlier. And I may still try to rest when the kids take their morning nap today. But, I have to say, it was fun to do something different! Here’s how it all went down…

I heard there were going to be wristbands distributed as soon as the store opened, so my initial thought of arriving around 1:30 or 2 for the 3:30 show was nixed. When the kids got up from their morning nap, we hopped in the car and made our way out there. We arrived around 10:45, and much to my annoyance, they actually made you buy a CD in order to get a wristband. ARGH! That makes three times I’ve paid for the damn CD… once for the preorder I still haven’t gotten, once on iTunes (OK, because I was impatient), and then once at the store. Oh well, I’ll give the extra to someone.

Anyways, it’s all of 11AM and we’ve got our wristbands (which ran out shortly thereafter, so it was a good thing we arrived when we did), and several hours to kill. I got a coffee, the kids had their bottles. We made our way to the kids’ section to hang out. They were great, happy enough to hang out, and made friends with all of the staff people in the area. They were a hit with everyone, as always. 🙂 I had brought all manner of things to keep them occupied, from bottles and solid food to toys and pacifiers. My backpack was a little heavy, but it worked out OK.

Around noon I gave them their lunch, and we walked over to Bruegger’s for lunch for me, a change of scenery, and a little fresh air. There was already a line beginning to form outside the store, of folks who had wristbands already but wanted to be the first ones in. Yeesh. Thankfully, it wasn’t a long or fast-growing line.

After lunch, I walked them back into the store, reclined the stroller seats all the way, and quietly rocked them until they fell asleep. Hooray for a regular nap schedule, their bodies totally knew it was naptime. They didn’t stay asleep super long, but it was something. While they were asleep, I hung out and read a little, and then decided to join the line outside.

They were going to start letting people into the seating area around 2pm, so we hung out outside for a little while until then. Met some nice people, met some odd people. It helps me remember I’m nowhere near the extreme end of the freak scale, even when I get excited about these things. 😉 So, at 2pm, they let us in to the seating area they’d set up near the magazines. Unfortunately, I had to ditch the stroller. With Daniel in the Ergo, Rebecca in my arms, and a backpack on my back… I was quite the mommy pack mule. And still, there was an hour and a half to kill.

The space full of toddlers was really pretty well-behaved. Everyone started to get loud and antsy (and very warm!) as time went on, but it was alright. I let the kids sit on the floor, a nice woman who I met in line helped me hold one of them from time to time, and all of the staff friends we’d made while waiting kept coming to say hi to us.

And finally, the band came on a bit after 3:30. Hooray! It was fun to be so close, fun to have all of the kids in the audience (the store did make sure to keep most of the actual seats for people with kids and babies, and let those unencumbered folks take standing room). It wasn’t excessively loud, fun to hear the new songs, and a touch of the usual BNL banter (regarding “whale” milk and set lists written on tortilla chips). The songs, as I recall them, were:
Pollywog in a Bog
Another Postcard
7 8 9
One Week

Was it, objectively speaking, worth it to spend most of a day in Barnes & Noble with two 9-month-olds to hear a 30 minute concert, and then decide not to stick around for the CD-signing because it was too close to rush hour? Eh, maybe not. But I wouldn’t say I regret it. It was an outing, it was pretty fun, the kids did super well. In fact, I think this may have been the perfect age to attempt such a thing, and the best shot I’ll have at anything similar for quite a while. Why? Because they’re napping reasonably well (and don’t need to be swaddled, thank god), and are also not yet mobile and into everything. (Well, Rebecca is, but she’s not too fast yet.) And you know what? It was something different. I like my routines and schedules, derive enormous benefit from them, and adhere to them somewhat strictly. But sometimes you just have to do something different. Similar to something LauraC touched on yesterday, it’s good to do something that feels like what a “normal” parent (of a singleton) might do.

And what did the kids think of their first BNL concert, you ask? Well…

Yep, they were both asleep by the 3rd song. It was a long day.



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6 responses to “Babies’ first BNL show

  1. That’s totally awesome!
    Glad you made it and had a good time.
    I might just have to go out and get that cd now….If it’s anything like Jack Johnson’s Curious George one the boys will love it.

  2. you totally rock! I would not have the mental energy for that day. Neither would my girls. I wonder if that’s a chicken or the egg kind of thing 😉

  3. i think that last picture is worth everything – such a gem. hooray for such a successful and logistic-filled outing! you totally made it work!

    i agree with you, it is nice to just go ahead and do things that a singleton mama would do. i try and keep that philosophy close to me and remember when the boys were 3 months old taking them to the public pool. i knew i was crazy, but damn it, i was going to do it. somehow the universe wanted me to do it too, because oz slept the whole time in his car seat and me and abie got to take a dip. it was beautiful!

  4. I bow down to you! A whole-day outing with the twins. That’s awesome. Don’t you feel so accomplished? From your description, I’d say it was worth it! How cool to see BNL in such a small venue. However, it does suck that you’ve now paid THRICE for the CD! I told Johnny about the album, and I think we’ll buy it off iTunes, to widen Jack’s music repertoire.

    Wish me luck. Tomorrow Jack, Johnny and I are participating in the Revlon Run/Walk at the Coliseum in downtown LA. It’ll be a madhouse, but fun, I think! A lot of people from my department at work are going, so there will be other spouses and kids there. Jack will have fun people-watching. I will have fun lugging around a huge diaper bag. 🙂

  5. You rock. Enough said. You will probably hit “normal” way ahead of me!

  6. cheryllage

    I LOVE it! That last image is simply priceless…
    you look like such a happy, satisfied (albeit maybe a smidge tired 😉 ) Mama, and your sweet sleepers?
    They look like the relaxed and comfortable babies of a happy and satisfied Mama!

    Your review is great, too! Think we might have to add that to our CD collection. (We’re synchronizing too, if it doesn’t rain, we’re taking the kiddos to an outdoor, family friendly Cracker show about an hour away tonight. 🙂 )
    Happy, Happy Mother’s Day!

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