The outing that was, and wasn’t

Wednesday afternoons are our child development class/playgroup at my nearby maternity store/center. Actually, this one that I’m taking is at the branch slightly farther away, but I decided at the time that it was worth it, because the timing of the actual class was better than the ones close to my house. It therefore involves a drive on the highway to get there, and takes about half an hour. Well, today, I get on the highway only to see signs alerting me that there’s an accident that has three (of four) lanes blocked. Great. But traffic was moving, so I kept on going. Close to 40 minutes later, when I was a little over halfway there, traffic was at a standstill, and the lanes hadn’t even started merging yet… I decided to just get off and turn around. As it was, I would have maybe gotten to class halfway through, and I didn’t want to be the one barging in. There’s no inconspicuous or quiet way to enter a room with two babies.

So, turn around we did, with Rebecca protesting ever louder in the backseat, upset at the fact that her afternoon bottle had not yet made its appearance. On the way back home, I pulled over at the rest area McDonalds. The kids got their bottles, I got the McFlurry I’d been craving all day. Despite things not going as planned, I suppose we had an outing of sorts, anyways.

As an aside, on the BNL front… I found out the store will be handing out wristbands for the performance area starting at 9AM. 9AM?! Crud. It’s not like this is down the street from me, somewhere I can pop over, grab the wristband, and come back later. And my kids cannot spend the entire day, including both naps, away from home. I just can’t imagine that would go well, would it? So, I guess maybe we’ll do afternoon nap in the car? Trying not to let the more frantic fan side of me take over… must at least have one good nap that day… Any suggestions? Cross your fingers for not too large a crowd!


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  1. go for it, liz. i have found those occasional days of sacrificed naps are not fun but most times all goes okay, and if it is all totally awry it is usually for a few hours at the end of the day.

    funny story, to me, anyway…i have always thought of you as, i am not kidding, ‘goddess’ when i think about my twin mama ‘friends’. then i realized you had a name (um,duh) and it was posted there in your HDYDI link. so, now, i think of you as liz. because, you know, that is your name.

    and my name is not mamie, just amiee. mamie is the name my littlest brothers called me when they were growing up. nice to meet you, liz.

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