Nine months old

How time flies. It’s hard to imagine that my little babies are now nine whole months old. They’ve been in the outside word longer than they were in my belly! Such exciting things afoot.

Daniel is all smiles, despite the initial nickname of Señor Fussy-Pants. Oh sure, he has his fussy times. He kind of scrunches up his face, clenches his fist, and shrieks. But so much of the time, he puts on that huge smile and laughs at us. It’s hilarious. You can’t stop yourself from laughing along with him. He likes to eat, and especially likes feeding himself big handfuls of rice krispies, cheddar cheese, and beans. Lots of it ends up on his lap, but the ratio is improving. He’s not crawling, but when on his tummy, he’ll often do his little floor swimming thing. And just in the past few days, I’ve seen him pick his belly up off the ground and briefly be on his hands & knees. We’ll see how long it takes him to start chasing the dog. While he doesn’t go down gently for naps, he usually falls asleep within 5-15 minutes and will stay asleep a good hour and a half or more, most of the time. He does better overnight. His favorite thing to do with toys is grab them and shake them, and he just loves it if they make noise.

Rebecca is quite the little monkey. She’s got a sly look about her, and you can tell she’s becoming a bit mischievous. Any time she sees something she likes… the dog, a good toy, her dad… she does this little laugh in short burts. Heh. Hah. Heh. She starts out a little more reserved around people she doesn’t know, giving a suspicious glare at people who stop us in the stroller. But when she gets used to a place, she puts on quite a show. She’s crawling faster by the day, and is pulling up to stand on all kinds of things, though mostly me and M. She loves to chase the dog more than almost anything, and steals the dog’s toys. She’s just starting to get into finger foods, carefully picking up a shred of cheese and maneuvering it slowly towards her mouth. She usually is happy to go down at naptime as long as she has her pacifier and blanket, but is notorious for waking up at precisely 45 minutes… stinker. She does OK overnight, but somewhat frequently will wake up, cry for a minute, and go back to sleep. She seems a bit more restless. With toys and everything else around her, she seems to really enjoy exploring texture, carefully touching things with an outstretched finger… or shoving it into her mouth. It’s all about exploring.

There’s so much else that can be said about both kids, but it’s hard to put it all down into words. The everyday likes, dislikes, and amusements… anyways, that’s a small bit of what they’re up to right now. Though there are new challenges and really hard days, it does just keep getting better.



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3 responses to “Nine months old

  1. Mom you seem to be coming along very well too. You have two babies and still find time to enjoy posting a blog about how the little ones are coming along.
    I often wondered if twins would have made me cross eyed. I suppose you have twice the cries, diaper changes, messy woes and so on, but you also get to share twice the smiles,laughters, growing stages, and love.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Awww, happy 9 month birthday, Daniel and Rebecca! I love the picture of you with the kids. What a happy portrait.

  3. mush

    Love the pics – your kids are very cute. Our son is now 14 weeks and we are gearing ourselves up for solids soon (a month or so to go?).

    Keep writing!

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