One thing I love

A developmental tidbit that makes me thrilled beyond belief: both kids are now consistently able to hold their own bottles! Wahoo! I know some kids do this earlier, and I think I sort of discouraged it a few months ago. But now, it’s awesome. So awesome, in fact, that it enabled my mom and me to go to Ikea today (which is not at all nearby), and when the kiddos got hungry, we just reclined the seats and handed them their bottles! A few minutes later, they’d both nearly polished their 7-oz bottles. Hip hip, hooray! More on mom’s visit, the Ikea trip, and more… later. Having my mom around was nice, but it kind of took away my usual quiet time, so I’m exhausted!


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  1. Wow, amazing! Jack has held his own bottle while in my arms for a while now, but I haven’t yet tried to just give him a bottle when he’s not in my arms. I’m inspired to try it!

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